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July 20, 2013


Ronnie Bulleit

Where profiling is a part of this discussion there are many more issues involved.

First, there had been nothing more than a sting of petty burglaries in Zimmerman's neighborhood in the past 14 months, nothing that warranted an adult male following a teenager in his car and on foot with a gun.

Zimmerman's actions demonstrated acute aggression, more than likely reinforced because he carried a gun. Certainly an argument for more stringent gun control laws for gun owners facing the unarmed could be made here.

Second, the President speaking out with sincerity and concern, expressing facts in a calm manner was not an attempt to feed emotions as the pathetic, small- minded would have you believe. It was reaching out to Middle America, representing the black perspective to help reach a healing consensus. The sad truth is that where statistics show blacks are responsible for many crimes, statistics also prove that the white man is by far the most dangerous, murdering, aggressor of any race. You don't hear this fact on Fox News now do you.

Most important to me, this is not a liberal or conservative issues but one of basic humanitarian beliefs. Our children should be safe to walk the streets, no matter what race. We are a country of violence and that is robbing us of being a great country. How do we change direction?

And lastly, on a simpler note. An adult is responsible for his actions. And if your actions take the life of a child and then you go on a National TV show to say you have no remorse, justice certainly was not served.

Scott Schaefer


I think you make some excellent points in this post. What I can't understand is the insanity (see Einstein's definition commonly quoted) of those who claim all we need is more of what's not worked already. Aside from the failed policies of our government relative to the systematically poor minority communities of the inner city you can look at Education for another example of the insanity I'm referring to. Experts commonly point to reading levels at the end of the 3rd grade as the best indicator of how students are likely to perform in high school. Since the Feds started pouring $ into education in the early 1960's, we've gone from $6 billion to $65 billion in annual funding and the 3rd reading level hasn't moved at all. The answer according to the left here in Colorado is, of course, to spend even more money. My take is that more money, more programs, more regulations, won't fix the basic broken culture of the systemically poor. That culture won't get fixed until leaders of all types call it broken and begin to focus on initiatives that make positive and permanent changes to the culture.




I am a bit late in reading Doug's post (and everyone's comments) - but seeing your thoughts caused me to wonder what a virtual discussion on “How to fix Education in America” would uncover. I for one would love to hear everyone (including Steph) weigh-in on that one! Janette and I discuss this topic, while infrequently – with some intensity. I would be fascinated to hear the vectors a post from Doug on this issue would generate (specifically from illuminati of friends…)!


More than once I've started to scrawl something here on what may be greater "tragedy": i.e., where the breakdown in trust inhibits most all public policy progress, the massive failing of Public Education threatens to bring down our overall society. But, I'll leave the next installment on this to F.Scott et.al

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