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December 03, 2012


Scott Schaefer

I agree with your assessment of the state of things, particularly with respect to the Obama/Reid/Giethner focus on class warfare as a means to winning an election. I disagree, if I'm reading your essay correctly, that we could slide into mediocrity "where nothing extraordinary can happen." Economic forces will cause something extraordinary to happen. We will either wake up and recognize our mediocrity and do something drastic about it or the markets will force big and painful change upon us. Nothing alive stays in a current state for long and our current path towards national bankruptcy cannot stay in it's current state much longer.


Thanks F.Scott
And, I agree with both your agreement and disagreement;-)
I'm afraid that sometimes, when I go to writing these things, I get so enmeshed in the background arguments that I fail to emphasize the larger points enough.
In this case, the "natural" slide into mediocrity (as well as natural tendencies toward unnatural "fairness") ultimately lead to a "collapse." And the cruelest irony of all is that, in the end, thos altogether natural market collpase will induce far more pain on the very folks that the Democrats think that they're protecting!

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