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November 03, 2013


Scott Schaefer

You're on the "right" track here and it is consistent with what the Boulder County GOP is doing with our campaign to re-brand the party, at least locally. While most Tea Party orgs. were founded on economic issues, the Dems were successful in painting them with the extreme religious right brush so that battle is over IMHO. I suspect the growing Libertarian/Constitutionalist wing of the GOP will win in the end or the GOP will cease to exist as a viable alternative to the Dems. You might test a few messaging themes to find how to best connect emotionally with the persuadable voter. We're using the following right now with some success: Democratic leaders Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the like are stealing the futures of the poor and middle class via big government programs that take away your freedom and opportunity to achieve a better life for youself and your family. In short, they are economically enslaving you.


Doug – Scott: Fine thoughts. And I would only add that, in the creative effort to shore-up the foundations of a conservative agenda (or better said, re-invent an ideal that aspires more to fill the void in the center – meaning to craft a more socially liberal, yet steadfastly fiscally conservative blueprint) is clearly the “right track”, until the GOP gets over their pandering to the evangelicals (e.g., read this as: Bibles and guns trump science and walking-around-sense considerations for individual freedoms – gender-based or not), regardless of how eloquent a neo-conservative message campaign vector is (and the one Scott shared is certainly a good start) – in the end (as Doug and Scott both opined) – the GOP will be an anachronism (at best) or a ‘grand old’ failed case-study in American politics well before Kurzweil’s projected “Singularly” date.


Thanks for the thoughtful input SKY! And (not but;-) I was expecting a rejoinder on the previous "poetically themed" Little Big Data post.
`would also like your take on the most recent Great Conflation entry

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