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November 09, 2013



If you look up "entitled" in any dictionary it means giving"the right". And if you look up "right" it says,"that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles, etc. Examples, women's rights; Freedom of speech is a right of all Americans. So if a "right" is stated or legally given then it is in fact an entitlement.


Thanks for your clarifying input PB. And (never but;-) the context, or "freighting" of "words matter." Indeed, "entitlement" as discussed above inter-alia could have been expressed as a proper noun: i.e., entitlement as it pertains to specific government programs to which some, but not all, are entitled.
As for "right" you've captured the meaning exactly: i.e., as free of discriminating constraint (NOT an annuity, subsidy, payment, priority or any other benefit owed by everyone--via the governmment--to selected individuals)

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